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5 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Web Copy in An Afternoon

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Call me an old soul, but I’m a seeker of life’s little pleasures

My idea of a good time spent is:

 …At the dining room table for family game night playing a friendly match of Farkle.

…Over a cup of freshly poured coffee for Sunday brunch catching up with a friend.

…By a smoky fire pit on the back patio with my husband.

What do these all have in common — and why should they matter to you?

It shows in the seemingly mundane, we're built for connection

When your brand leads with connection, it goes from being another tab on the screen to *finally* being seen

That’s the ultimate goal.

Yet with 1000s of messages bursting from the seams, your ears are close to numb. I’ve got good news for you: Create a message that resonates with your audience and speaks to the heart of what you do, they’ll be ready to sift through the noise and sing your praises in no time. 

Together, we’ll discover the words to inspire your audience into action, and make them your biggest advocates for the long haul.

Kathy is a great collaborator that truly honors your vision and genuinely cares about your success.

Working with Kathy was AMAZING! She took the time to really get to know not only my business but me as a business owner. She wanted my brand to sound authentic and welcoming while maintaining and building the brand I was seeking.

Megan - M. Kaye Events

But first, allow me to introduce myself — my name is Kathy Young! And I’m a few things...

Proud wife, let's-get-to-the-good stuff conversationalist, chicken sandwich connoisseur... 

But in this context, your strategic partner to handing off your words worry-free.  What I love most about this work is taking a front-row seat to your brilliance, and giving you permission to *virtually* shout it from the rooftops. In other words — getting your passion on paper and your audience to take action? That’s my forte.  

From experience, I know just how powerful the right message can be to propel your business forward.  (And remind you why you started in the first place).

So let’s dive deep into your message. Get growing. 

 And create real, lasting impact. 

Speaking of impact, these are a few impactful principles I stand by:


A powerful message shouldn't be rushed. That's why you can expect a project timeline of 2-4 weeks in many cases. It’s worth the wait to have copy that deeply resonates and inspires action.


My copy is driven by human psychology and conversion strategy. However,these tactics only go so far. Copy is the strongest when coupled with branding made to connect, followed by the relationship to your audience. 


Clarity comes from a solid brand message, leaning into your area of expertise, and targeting a specific goal without distractions. I often suggest you’ve nailed down your niche and offerings to make the most out of partnering with a copywriter.

Curated Conversations to Dive Deeper

Want to learn more about my philosophy and approach? Listen in to these conversations around all things copywriting & brand messaging.


Why "Rekindle"?

Ah, good question. My hope is that by nailing your message, you’ll literally light up with exhilaration and rekindle the spark in you that started it all — your business that is.

Not to mention I’ve always been drawn to the idea of warmth. Summer is my favorite season, I love a good smoky fire pit, and I know I’m not the only one who gets all warm and tingly inside when in good company.

Our audience deserves that same tingly feeling.

An impromptu Airbnb getaway does wonders — especially with great friends. I’m probably planning my next one right now.

Ketchup is a beautiful condiment. It deserves to grace its presence on *almost* everything. Eggs. Cheeseburgers. And of course, chicken sandwiches. 

A 16-year-old serenaded me with a ukulele. 6 years later he became my husband and best friend. It’s my favorite story to tell.  

I spent two years saying “my pleasure” at a local Chick-fil-A. It taught me about branding, second-mile service, and how to entertain kids in a cow costume.

Nothing beats quality time. It’s my love language and I hope to spend quality time with you on your next project! (Borderline cheesy...but true. So we’ll roll with it.)

And just so I’m #relatable as the kids say...

Those idiosyncrasies you were slightly curious about

All the way down here? That must mean you’re eager for your message to be told.

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