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Grow Your Business by Sharing Your Brilliance

Brand Messaging + Website Copywriting for creatives ready to stand out 


Does writing copy for your website feel like endless word wrangling? 

You’re ready to share an elevated version of your brand to the world (and believe me, the world deserves to know it). But you’re unsure how to craft a message that speaks to the heart behind your mission.

Upfront, I’ll say pretty prose alone will fall flat. Plug and play templates? Won’t work either. 

You need a brand message coupled with strategic copy to attract feel-good clients who genuinely see your value.

i'm curious...

Before I get into the details...what is brand messaging and why do you need it? 

If copywriting is what you say, brand messaging is how you say it. 

There are thousands of businesses who do exactly what you do—fact.⁠ Your brand voice stamps every message you share on the internet as uniquely yours. 

It comprises elements such as your mission, core values, value proposition, voice, and so many other things that speak to the essence of you. 

In short: brand messaging allows you to stand firm in who you are so you attract your kind of people. 

I have such a clearer picture of my brand identity! [Working together] has caused me to look deeper into what my business stands for and how I want to be perceived.

She’s also so good at emulating your brand voice! She goes above and beyond to look at your social media and study your personality so when she’s done writing the copy it will sound like you did it yourself! (Well, like a better version of yourself ;) )

Nicole, Go Ask Nicole Relationship Coach

Working together gives you so much more than words. It gives you confidence to proclaim your mission and message.

 ⟶ Sales-driven market research to understand what your audience is actually thinking⁠
 ⟶ Pulling out and understanding the key messages your audience needs to hear to get them to convert⁠
 ⟶ Brand messaging strategy to craft your unique positioning and stand out in a sea of voices so clients are excited to work with YOU
 ⟶ Strategic layout so your website shares your message faster with more efficiency


How do you receive all of this? When working with a copywriter who sees and hears your vision as clearly as you do. 


It’s time to dig deep, get to the root of your brand, and tap into business growth that’s                                 

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The path begins with web copy & a powerful brand message

choose your path:


Vision with Verve

Recommended for businesses going through a rebrand, are mostly clear on their new brand direction, but would like help with brand messaging strategy.

✔ Up to 4 pages of copy 
✔ Conversion-focused messaging through market research
✔ Communication with your designer as needed
✔ Keyword-rich SEO titles & meta descriptions
✔ One week of revisions
✔ +Add on pages as needed

$3,000 USD

timeline: 3-4 Weeks

yes, i can't wait!


The Firm Forge

Recommended for businesses who are rebranding, looking to pivot their messaging, but need guidance on their new direction. (With a Brand Messaging Guide to inform future on-brand content and marketing moving forward)

✔ Up to 4 pages of copy 
✔Magnetic Messaging Manual tailored to your business
✔ Conversion-focused messaging through market research
✔ Communication with your designer as needed
✔ Keyword-rich SEO titles & meta descriptions
✔ One week of revisions

$4,250 USD

timeline: 4-6 weeks

this one's for me!

Develop a brand with personality, values, and unique thought-leadership, you’ll stand out and transform your brand into an experience. The Magnetic Messaging Manual includes clear descriptions around your: 

Core values
Target audiences
Brand voice
Brand story
Value proposition
And more 

...all in a comprehensive document


The Magnetic Messaging Manual 

Honestly, it was the best investment I made all year. In a few weeks, I already made back double my investment.

I've always been on the fence about hiring a copywriter even though I have ALWAYS struggled with writing my own copy. I finally got to a point where I knew I needed it and thank goodness I found Kathy. Her process is top-notch. From competitor analysis to your brand voice nothing was left out. I was literally in awe through it all. Every page she delivered felt just right. I honestly cannot recommend her enough.

Amanda, Hey Amanda Wagner Brand Photography


Here’s how I go from scattered thoughts to thoughtful (and strategic) prose: 

Reach Out When You’re Ready 

First, let's hop on an Intro Call to officially meet. We’ll start with small talk and effortlessly transition to the core elements of your project. 

stage o1

Reflect On the Journey You’ve Embarked On

Through an intentional questionnaire and Reflection Call, we’ll dive deeper into the core of your brand (digging up the good stuff) as your message reveals itself.

stage o2

Relax As I Write Your Copy

Next, you’ll get a taste of your new messaging through a detailed Copy Branding Brief. Shortly after, I’ll get to word wrangling. As you get to unwinding. 

stage o3

Refine Your Message

Good things take time — including your copy. We’ll take dedicated time to revise your message and tidy up final details. 

stage o4

Renew the Connection With Your Audience 

You can now reap the benefits of website copy that speaks your vision, shares your values, and converts prospects into clients. *Insert your sigh of relief here

stage o5

client testimonials

Through her valuable process of conducting 1:1 interviews with my clients, I was able to uncover the aspects of my business that were resonating the most. 

Through this insight, I was able to make strategic decisions about not only my brand messaging but also my services and other business components. I highly recommend working with Kathy. She is extremely professional, organized, and went the extra mile to make sure I was happy with the end product!

Jacinta, The Social Circle

I really appreciated her candor and willingness to explain the strategy for some of the ideas she proposed, which gave me a lot of confidence in the final product.

I feel really confident that the new copy will attract my ideal client and speak to exactly how we can help them. It was a really collaborative process, which I appreciated. Kathy was so easy to work with and super skilled at crafting the right words, which is something that I struggle with! I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their web copy, and I can't wait to relaunch with our finished work!

Carolyn, Bloom Poet

Turn silent, passive readers into raving fans that’ll sing your praises?


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