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Andrea Davis with kids receiving copy consulting

Copy Consulting with Better Screen Time


Knowing where to fit them all on your website isn’t obvious. Especially if you’re an established business owner with a goldmine of offers and resources.

You’ve spent a lot of precious time and dollars to maintain your oh-so-beautiful digital home, and might I say it’s lovely. Your website’s served you well over the years.

But in the back of your mind, you may be wondering:

  • Can people easily find information on my site? 
  • Do people even know how to navigate my site?
  • Am I deterring people from taking action on my site? 

This is exactly what my former client, Andrea from Better Screen Time, was experiencing before we worked together. And why copy consulting was such a good fit.

She had an already strong website drawing in the right people her way. But she wanted to make sure she was presenting information in a way that made it even easier for people to get what they needed.

As an aside, let me ask you a question: Have you ever admired someone from a distance until finally, the stars aligned, and next thing you know, you’re working on a project together? Andrea was totally that person for me. 

She’s been in circles I greatly admire (shout out to Content Bistro for connecting us!) and from the moment we connected, I knew we’d be kindred spirits. (which I’ll share about in a moment)

Plus, I was itching for some more copy consulting collabs — and she was a perfect fit.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to Andrea: 

Who is Better Screen Time?

Andrea is an online course creator and the founder of Better Screen Time — a company with both paid and free resources all centered around helping families manage tech in a slow, meaningful, and healthy way. 

She’s best known for her two flagship courses, Creating a Tech-Healthy Family, and Untangling Teens and Tech. She also created a super dandy book called Creating a Tech-Healthy Family which you can purchase from Amazon. Most of all, she’s got plentyyy of raving reviews from parents who love her approach and her happy-go-lucky fam of 5. It’s honestly hard not to! 

My favorite part about her? She wishes we could all go back to simpler days with that Little Life on the Prairie charm, because yeah, me too.

We could all use more time away from our screens and connecting with the people right in front of us. And sometimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong era. But I digress, that conversation’s for another day. 

Anywho — I highly recommend downloading her free self-evaluation download for teens: “Am I Ready for a Personal Device”? I don’t have kids yet but I found it wildly helpful for managing Nintendo Switch expectations with my nephews when I hang out with them. 

A Quick Recap of Better Screen Time’s Original Website

When Andrea started her business several years ago, she fully DIY’d the first version of her site. She’d done it on her own to start, but her website was starting to feel two sizes two small:

I designed and wrote the copy of our first website all on my own. It was a good first attempt, but after years of helping parents get results, I knew it was time for version 2.0 of our website”

Better Screen Time’s original website was a great start and it helped her become the recognized expert she is today. 

But aside from her courses, she created a TON of resources over the past few years. Too many resources can often mean a website that looks and feels disorganized down the road: definitely what we don’t want. 

Better Screen Time’s Goals and Why They Needed Copy Consulting

Based on her goals and all her resources, Andre’s website needed some intentional restructuring. Again, she had great content and she felt strong in her voice. 

Typically in this stage of business, I would recommend fully outsourcing copy to a website copywriter who does it all for you. But for Andrea’s situation, it was a bit different. 

Andrea had a really strong hold on her message, and because she’s worked with other copywriters in the past, she was proficient in what needed to be said. That’s not required for a Done With You Website Copy approach, but it certainly helped. 

She just needed copy consulting to help her communicate those words and make sure the way she restructured her site made the most sense. 

That’s why having a copy mentor walk you through a Done-With-You approach was best in this situation. Here’s what Andrea had to say about it: 

“I knew I wasn’t ready to outsource the copy completely—partly because I DID have things to say…I just wasn’t always sure how to say them and our business is still growing. 

The Done-With-You Copywriting was the perfect match for me. It provided structure and ideas (which meant less indecision/wasting time), but also allowed for some of my personality and personal convictions to shine through.” 

The Copy Consulting Process

All of my projects, whether done-with-you or done-for-you start with a meaty questionnaire so I can better understand someone’s business before offering a site map strategy or copy updates. Having Andrea go through the questionnaire helped her understand her vision and helped me map out how the next iteration of her website can get her there. 

Here’s what Andrea thought about it: 

“I loved Kathy’s questionnaire at the beginning of the project. As a business owner, it’s important to me that someone helping me understands my business and how I help my audience. She took the time to understand me as a person, how I’ve helped my audience over the years, and my future goals.”

We started our conversation with a strategy call where I reviewed all her pages. It was at that point I create a site map strategy to help with website restructuring. 

Then it was Andrea’s turn to get words on the page before I reviewed it:

“Kathy made the writing process enjoyable (complete with a Spotify playlist to get the creative juices flowing!) and suddenly I didn’t feel stressed about it anymore. She gave me structure so I could just start writing and not overthink it. She also provided timely and creative feedback that made each edit feel totally doable. I am SO pleased with the end result!”

What did we accomplish in our copy consulting container? Great question. Let me show you: 

Overview of the Better Screen Time Project 

Overall, we wanted to structure her website as the go-to place for parents to worry less about screens and more about connecting with their kids. Here’s how we did it:

Making online courses easy to find and learn about on the website

Courses are the number one way to make sales as a course creator (obviously). So we want people to know the importance of her courses and get intrigued to learn more about them. Hands down, we did this by introducing her courses on her Home Page right away:

Better screen time home page online courses created through copy consulting

We also created an entire Splash Page for her courses. Instead of having the courses click to the sales page, we wanted to have one more space for people to better understand how both courses have an overall goal of working together to help parents navigate tech in their homes.  

Better Screentime page created through copy consulting

Organizing Lead Magnets and Resources

As an online course creator, Andrea’s created plenty of incredible Lead Magnets and Downloads for families to enjoy. The problem with a lot of lead magnets is not knowing where to house them on your site. We wanted to make them easily accessible and all in one place, which is the exact purpose of this page:

Better Screen Time Tech Toolkit Page created from copy consulting

Andrea also has a lot of resources for products and content she recommends outside of her own business. And she wanted to make them just as easily accessible to her people.

Separate from her downloads, we mapped out another page dedicated entirely to allll the off-site recommendations and affiliate links. Which is what we did here:

Resources page of Better Screen Time created from copy consulting

Building her personal brand 

We wanted to pull people in so they knew the story behind why Better Screen Time was created and ultimately the heart they have to serve parents in an intentional way. Plus so people can understand that they are parents too. 

We updated her About Page to include Andrea’s origin story and also kitschy fun facts. Like, for example, how growing up in the Grand Tetons of Idaho sorting through dirt clods during the spud harvest reminds her to push through tough times.

About Page of Better Screen Time created from copy consulting
About Page of Better Screen Time created from copy consulting

What Andrea Had to Say

Andrea made the process so smooth and fun! And after all was said it done, here was her overall response: 

“Words on a page can feel hard on your own, but with someone like Kathy providing a framework and vision, you will not only enjoy the process, but be SO excited to share the final result!! Thank you, Kathy!!!”

Thank YOU Andrea for making this experience worth it! Our creative ideas came together and formed something pretty awesome I would say 🙂

Copy consulting does your website a lot of good

Done-with-you copy gives you the confidence to write your web copy on your own without feeling alone. 

If you think copy consulting could be a good choice, it probably is. Let’s get something on the books so you can finally make plans to publish your website. 

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