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Why Their Website Works: Pepper Case Study


We might be getting a little personal, but I HAD to share this.

Back in October of 2020, I was minding my own business, scrolling through my feed, when an ad caught my eye.

An ad for wearpepper.com.

Haven’t seen it? It’s a bra company specifically made for those of us who are a part of the IBTC (the Itty Bitty… well, you get it).

First, I felt seen (TMI?).

Then, I couldn’t stop reading. Since this is how we all want our clients to feel, I wanted to share with you why this website works.

Crystal Clear Messaging On Who the Brand is For

Read this headline and tell me who this is for. 

It is beyond clear who this is for, right?

In only a headline and a simple subhead, they’ve clearly described who their brand is for (women with small chests) — then qualified that statement to make sure people know what they mean by small boobs — for those with AA, A, and B cups. 

This is brilliant for a few reasons. Because their brand is filling a hole in the marketplace, they don’t need to be clever with their H1 headline. Their clarity and simplicity make it all that more powerful. And fun fact, one of the best places to put an SEO keyword is in the H1 headline, which they’ve clearly done here as well. 

Now let’s continue down the home page: 

We often see messages around body positivity which I think is absolutely important. But women who fall in this category may have felt left out of the conversation. 

With their brand, they’ve cultivated a larger mission cause with this statement and they’ve done a great job. They have created a movement around their brand that inspires body positivity, along with a community of women who are redefining beauty standards while loving themselves. Win-Win-Win.

Finally, when you peruse their About Page, their headline immediately draws you in with the women who belong on the page. By the way, if you want to make an impact, having a “scrolling” or changing headline is great for capturing different types of messages at once.

This, of course, had to come through extensive market research. 

Notice that they aren’t using pain points that are accusatory, which is important. They could so have easily started the page by saying:

Tell us if this sounds like you…

…Your bras don’t fit right

…You’re always in-between cup sizes

…You’re tired of being called flat chested 

Wow, sounds harsh, doesn’t it? Chest size is already a touchy subject for women. But rather, they’ve spun the concept and positioned their message in a way that feels comforting and safe.

How? By taking away the “you/your/you’re” element. In copywriting we almost always are encouraged to write in “you” language to sound more personal. But sometimes, in certain situations, it’s best to make pain points less personal and point the blame to somewhere else.

In this case, Pepper is blaming other bra companies and unrealistic beauty standards. Which they clearly state: 

If you are a woman who has dealt with any of the listed pain points, you are officially part of a community that welcomes you with open arms.

Crystal Clear in Explaining Their Benefits 

Speaking of market research, someone has obviously done theirs. By taking the time to not only get clear on their audience but do the proper research, they’ve created a product and website that makes them unique and sought-after. If you are a woman who falls into their demographic, you will clearly resonate with these benefits:

When I read this, I literally smiled. Because they’ve so beautifully captured benefits while also identifying pain points most small-chested women deal with. 

My goodness, I don’t mean to get too personal here but I was always under the impression that cup gaps were a normal thing. The fact that they identified that not only is it a problem in the bra industry, but it’s a problem they’ve found a solution to, made me feel like I can trust this brand’s word. 

Also, notice how they have cleaver headlines describing their benefits while qualifying each headline and explaining what that benefit means. *Chef’s kiss*

Crystal Clear in Providing a Solution Before the Purchase

If you are any kind of woman, you already know bra-shopping can feel painful. As their email list builder (and way of interacting with new users) they created a quiz to help women determine their actual size. 

Not to mention, it’s only five questions long! Short, sweet, and to the point.

This accomplishes three things:

  1. Getting people to take easy action (or what copywriters like to call micro-conversions)
  2. Building trust and brand equity
  3. Building an easy path for a next step 

Not to mention people loooove taking quizzes. Especially if it means they get to learn more about themselves and their unique situation. Genius. Absolutely genius.

Great job Pepper. We’ve got a lot we can learn from you! 

I hope you’re taking notes because this webpage felt like a magical place to land and I want yours to feel that way too! I’ll normally find amazing websites like this out in the wild with a shortened version (as well as some other goodies) in my newsletter Couch Chats with Kat. 

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